“To Megan, with Half My Heart,” Expanded Horizons, issue 45



I’ve always wanted to sell a story to these guys, and now I have with “First play for and by tikbalang triggers uproar on opening night.” Now available at all eBook retailers since October 6, 2014.


My story “How the Jungle Got Its Spirit Guardian” can be found here. Released on October 3, 2014 by FableCroft Publishing, available on Amazon as print and eBook.




A tighter version of “To Megan, with Half My Heart” made it here.

Antho Cover

The anthology of my batch of the 51st SUNWW, which was laid out by my boyfriend and edited by me.


 100 - The Hundreds Project cover

Of which I still don’t have a copy. My 100-word story “An Author Takes a Wife” can be found here.




For my feature articles, reviews, and opinions, click either of these two:

GMA News Online logo

Where I write about comic artists, my travels, exercise routines, cemeteries, Philippine monsters, book and movie reviews, other Lifestyle events, and occasionally politics, for a living.

The Philippine Online Chronicles logo

Where I used to analyze things like adapting the Howl’s Moving Castle novel to an anime, colonialization in the animated feature The Secret of Kells, Tanghalang Ateneo’s staging of La Ronde, why Snow White and the Huntsman sucked, why The Phantom of the Opera staging in Manila was great, and why the Twilight books are very much like glorified fanfiction. (Note: You won’t find these linked articles in my author’s works list, for some reason.)

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